Makenna & Brayden

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This formal session will probably go down in history as one of my favorite sessions of all time. You know when you stress over every little tiny detail, and then it all the sudden comes together so perfectly? well, that perfectly described this day. (I probably stressed myself out even more because this session was for my younger sister and her soon to be husband) I just wanted everything to go smoothly.  We were so worried about Makennas dress getting ruined because of the mud in the parking lot, or that the snow wouldn’t let up and that it would make hair wet and makeup run. We ended up getting SOO LUCKY! The snow fall was perfect fluffy dry snow and all signs of rain and wind let up by the time we got to shooting. I never understood why someone would get married in the middle of winter, but after taking these pictures, I don’t know if I will ever want anything but a winter wonderland. FUN FACT: It was actually so cold, that Makenna ended up passing out!  I’ve never seen Brayden run up a mountain so quick in my life. Luckily there was another photographer close by doing a product shoot with a bunch of teenage boys that helped us gather all our things. They also had some food they gave Makenna to help her with her blood sugar!

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