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I get asked all the time how to get the best possible experience from your session. One word: EMBRACE! Let’s not let ourselves get so caught up in what we're wearing, how our hair looks, or if your little ones shoes don’t match exactly how you were hoping they would. Because I promise, it won’t matter in 5, 10, 15+ years when you look back on these images.  

The most successful sessions always end up being the ones where we let go, and just embrace the craziness. Let’s not worry about the wind, rain, or snow. Let’s be silly and capture real life moments! Another Tip: Don’t be self-conscious. (I know, right? Way easier said then done!) But I promise, I’m pro at being a third wheel and watching couples share tender moments.  

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5 tips to make your dream engagement photos a reality


  1. Stay true to yourself– Your engagement photos are something you will be looking back on for the rest of your life. To guarantee that you will love your photos, make sure you are staying true to yourself and your fiancé in your photo session. Communication is key in ensuring your photos are genuine and authentic to your personalities. If you really connect with a certain location, or have a specific vision in mind, make sure you are working with your photographer to create your perfect session.
  2. Focus less on “posing”- You want your engagement photography to really showcase the love you have for your partner. Sometimes if you are worried too much about posing and looking perfect, the photos will come out looking stiff and awkward. Your photographer should help you to feel comfortable and confident, and the photos will turn out better when you are just being yourself and having fun with your partner.
  3. Add a little more makeup than just your normal routine– You don’t have to go all out on the winged eyeliner or wear false lashes (unless you want to!) but adding a little bit of lipstick and some extra blush and bronzer will make it so you don’t look washed out in your engagement photos.
  4. Do your research– Use sites such as Pinterest to research other couples’ engagement photography and really get a feel for what you like. Once you find the style of photos you like, work with your photographer to add in your personal touch to the photos while still capturing the overall style that appeals to you.
  5. Pick the right photographer– You want to feel comfortable with your photographer, especially if they are also doing your wedding or reception photos. Find a photographer that you connect with and create a relationship to guarantee a successful engagement photo session!