Brooke Gibbons PhotographyMaybe you found my website through a search engine.  Or perhaps your friend suggested my name to you? Whether it be Instagram or a prior client, I hope you feel a connection to the images I create and I’m so glad you’ve somehow found your way here.
Lets start with me.
Hi, my name is Brooke! I grew up beneath the mountains in the Salt Lake valley. I’ve lived in UT my entire life, but have recently spent the last few summers away from home traveling. I’ve been capturing weddings, newborns, family portraits and just about everything in between for the last 3 years. I passionately love photography, and capturing the small in between moments is where I thrive.
Now, let’s talk about you! And I don’t mean the casual small talk. Let’s actually have a conversation and get to know one another! What drives you? What inspires you to be better? Tell me about the people you love  most and some of your favorite memories.
For Families:
When we get to the picture taking part: Maybe your sweet little one is too shy or nervous to have a stranger come and snap pictures right away. I can’t say that I blame them! (holy #strangerdanger!) If they start crying or acting shy when you take their binky or favorite blanky away, that’s ok! Let’s capture the memory of exactly how they are in this moment. Invite me into your home. Show me the messy faces after they lick the cookie battered spoon. Let me see the funny faces you make as you try to get your sweet baby to eat. Show me how you play hide and seek. Lets capture the snuggles that happen after nap time, and the rubbing eyes that occur when reading a bedtime story. Let me capture your baby hanging onto your legs and reaching for your arms. My Goal: Lets capture your life, not just a pretty pose.
For Couples:
Let’s take the time to capture the way you two love. I want to show off the little things that make your heart pitter patter and the tender moments that the two of you share. Lets go on an adventure, get lost, laugh a lot and take some pretty pictures along the way.
For Weddings:
Lets have fun and celebrate the entire day! Let me capture the big moments as well as the tiny exchanges between the two of you.